The Process

Home Building and Design: Building / Remodeling Services

Our home building and remodeling services are designed around our customers’ needs:

Home Building

Custom home building is one of our major strengths. We will help you turn your dream home into a reality. We have a Reputation for hands on attention with all the projects we undertake. We work with you during and after the home building process to make sure that everything is done according to our customers’ wishes. Personalized supervision and management are a cornerstone of our business.

Home Remodeling

The same level of dedication, supervision and management that we put to our home building projects goes into every remodeling job we accept. Again, we work with our clients with us every step of the way. Whether you’re remodeling the whole house or just one room, we are committed to you 101%. Creative innovation is our main goal in all our home remodeling projects. Quality, practicality and excellence are top priorities on our list.

We Support Your Investment

We support your investment in your project with a hands on comprehensive approach to provide you with your dream home in a timely, punctual cost – efficient result. We support your investment because we know your home is the single largest asset that most have.

We support your investment because we know how special your family is. We understand that your home is for your family, and your family is your happiness. We work around this beautiful truth in coming up with suggestions for the requirements of the home you want. We use this to come up with a custom home that complements the personalities and character of your family. We’ll present a number of options so you can choose the one that best suit your needs.

Home Building and Design: Homes

Clover III has participated in some wonderful projects in the DFW area. Our customers come back because they’re satisfied; because we gave them what they wanted in a reasonable timely and at cost – efficient result. The materials we use for every project are top of the line. Craftsmanship and quality are world-class. And we employ the best craftsman, the most creative and innovative ideas and the most reliable techniques.

Browse through our gallery to find our if any of our prized creations represents your dream house. Take your pick; but if you don’t find your dream house anywhere here, no worries. We’ll work with you and make sure you’ll get your dream house up and standing pretty soon!

House Building and Design Services

Here at Clover III, The services we offer come with extra perks:

Personalized Home Building Services

This is what we offer our customers. We work hands in hands with you to find out what you want for your home. We plan with you and execute only when you have given your approval. And we take you right into the action. In other words, we keep you updated with all the developments we are working on. You, our customer, are a part of our team – and we do everything with you in mind.

We Provide Experience and Excellence in Workmanship

Each partner on our team is a highly experienced member of the home building design industry. We value, practice and promote excellence in every project we undertake.

We Offer Skills and Knowledge of the Highest Level

Everyone on our team has the skill and knowledge needed to help you build your dream house. We also make sure to continuously allow ourselves to improve our skills and knowledge by joining and participating in various seminars, workshops, competitions and training programs organized by professional groups and organizations in the industry.

Practical Designs

In line with our efforts to guarantee you personalized service, we offer suggestions and tips for coming up with practical designs for you home. We will help you get the best for your most important family investment: your home. We’ll suggest, we’ll offer, we’ll give you tips; but the final decision is always yours – because our customers’ satisfaction is the only guarantee of success.

We Value Feedback

Customer feedback is an important part of our service menu, so we encourage you to share your concerns, comments and suggestions with us. This will help ensure a smooth working relationship leading to the success of the project.